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Buddy Green dragon ipad

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This design was inspired by a private chat with a guest about an unpleasant incident in her university, so this one is centered on large font typesetting, mainly come on tiger follow your dreams, and then gradually changes to The background color is transparent, and the English text except tiger is hollowed out to highlight the tiger, which probably means: come on, tiger, chase your dream~~ For the design of the back of the iPad, the texture of the tiger pattern is used as the base map, and then three little tigers are added to the tiger pattern to walk on the tiger pattern. , But in fact, the tiger originally symbolized: powerful, bold, majestic, brave, and I hope this model made this time can inspire this guest, because of you, I made this model, and I hope you can become a little tiger! !As I said that night, the road of life is rough, although unpleasant things have happened, but this is also part of the life experience, we have to stick to ourselves, continue to work hard, let’s cheer together~~


iPad 2017/2018 (9.7), iPad 2019 (10.2), iPad 2020 (10.2), iPad Air 3 (10.5), iPad Air 4 (10.9), iPad mini 4 (7.9), iPad mini 5 (7.9), iPad Pro (10.5), iPad Pro 2018 (12.9), IPad Pro 2019 (11), iPad Pro 2020 (11), IPad Pro 2020 (12.9)

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